Shoes require care.

Shoes require care. Continuous care conducted with the correct products helps to prolong the lifespan of your shoes.

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Satın Kid

Patent and florantic leather polishing spray, special for shiny leather products. It is colorless, suitable for all shoe colors. It provides extra brightness to your shoes.

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Care Products

Provide efficient care of your shoes with Blink shoe care products. Blink, one of the leading brands of shoe care products, produces high-quality standards of care products with a creative and innovative point of view. It is rapidly becoming the most trusted and preferred brand of care products with the products and accessories it manufactures.

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Wooden Shoe Mold

It increases the durability of leather shoes. The cedar tree wood emits a pleasant and aromatic odor and absorbs the humidity very well. It keeps your shoes look like the first day.

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Your shoes are an important part of your personal image. Make effective care of your shoes with Blink shoe care products.

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Product Implementations

Which products should I use for my shoe and how to use them? The answers to all your questions and all the tips of product implementations are on our videos.

Blink, effective care of your shoes…

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Blink Turkey

It is not just a shoe, but also an important part of your foot health and personal image.