Glass Dye 50 ml

It makes your shoes look like the first day. It cleans, nourishes the leather
and prevents it from cracking.

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Suede and Nubuck Dye 200ml

It renews, cleans your suede and nubuck shoes, and revives their color. It
protects against dirt and stains.

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Satın Kid

It provides extra brightness to your patent and florantic leather shoes. Itnourishes, maintains the leather and helps to prolong the lifespan of your shoes.

Wooden Mold

It increases the durability of leather shoes, absorbs the humidity very well. It keeps your shoes look like the first day. It prevents wrinkles fromforming on the shoe surface. It extends the life of the shoe.

Leather polishing sponge

It cleans, shines your shoes. The polish in it nourishes the leather of your shoes.

Easy Clean

Sport shoe cleaning sponges. He cleans his shoes from dirt and stains.

Waterproof Spray

Protect your shoes against water, dirt and stains. The shoes that you can use regularly give you waterproofness.

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